Time and Attendance

Transform the way you collect, manage and process your employee time.

Greenlink gives you the tools to manage every aspect of your payroll process. We have earned the trust and confidence of clients through a combination of superior technology and excellent customer service. Whatever your type and size of business, Greenlink can provide you with a flexible and scalable solution to meet all of your payroll needs.

Employee satisfaction is critical when it comes to the culture, growth and ultimate success of your business. Managing your workforce and data for all of your employees becomes difficult as your company scales. Greenlink’s HR solutions will allow you to easily manage the entire employee lifecycle and build the reports you need to make critical decisions, identify trends, recognize trouble spots and gather employee data needed to analyze your company’s compliance.

The real-time data provided by the iSolved platform drives better employee decisions and eliminates many cumbersome paper processes, driving down the costs and complexities of managing your workforce.

  • Time clock hardware options including the new NXG clocks with optional biometric scanner
  • Rules-driven pay policies
  • Shift differentials
  • Self-service punching
  • Labor allocations
  • Crossing midnight boundaries
  • Overtime and premiums
  • Flexible time rounding rules
  • Meal and break tracking
  • Error alerts

Benefits of our integrated Time & Attendance solution

  • Improve employee productivity by replacing all manual time sheet calculations, overtime, shift differentials, and rate calculations with 100% pay rule automation.
  • Eliminate buddy-punching and time theft, and eliminate the need to calculate time cards.
  • Easily manage employee schedules. Assign resources more effectively and reduce the time needed to schedule employees.
  • Manage pay polices, time off, overtime and more. Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, sick, or compensation time accruals.
  • Track employee time in the way that works best for your business – online, with a time clock, a swipe card, a smart phone app, or remotely.
  • Track the necessary data to help with Affordable Care Act Compliance
To become an iSolved Network Certified Partner, Greenlink Payroll was closely vetted and completed rigorous training on the iSolved system. Our goal is to provide clients with vital human capital management solutions including time and attendance, benefits administration and human resources.