Talent Solutions

Easily attract, qualify and onboard top talent

Greenlink’s powerful applicant tracking and electronic onboarding platforms allows organizations to seamlessly move qualified candidates through the interview process, search for potential tax credits, run background checks and verify employment eligibility.

After extending an offer to a new hire, you can easily generate an electronic onboarding package for your employee to complete online. Best of all, this information transfers automatically into payroll!

Utilizing iSolved’s robust, yet simple-to-use talent management tool goes beyond basic performance reviews. You can now reach employees at all levels to drive engagement and accountability, which ultimately leads to success for your entire organization. With features like Goal Management, 360° Performance Reviews, in-depth employee profiles and detailed reporting, you will be able to manage your employee talent and achieve results like never before.

Greenlink’s Talent Services include:

  • Paperless Onboarding
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • E-Verify
  • Employment Screening
  • Tax Credit Service

We provide the right tools to drive employee engagement, accountability and success.

  • Perform & Reward for Small Businesses is integrated with iSolved
  • 360° performance reviews
  • Quickly set up achievable goals for any and all employees
  • Easily calculate merit-based pay increases and bonuses
  • Reports and dashboards to track employee goals, strengths and weaknesses
  • Detailed employee profiles
  • Intuitive interface gets employees using the tool with little or no training
  • Know what’s happening with clear visibility into employee goal progress and achievements
  • Have a better understanding of your employee skills, experience and interests
  • Thousands of content elements like goals, competencies and skills in the built-in Writing Assistant and Team Rater
To become an iSolved Network Certified Partner, Greenlink Payroll was closely vetted and completed rigorous training on the iSolved system. Our goal is to provide clients with vital human capital management solutions including time and attendance, benefits administration and human resources.