Remote work is nothing new. What is new is that a tremendous number of companies that previously had a few remote workers suddenly have entire teams working from home. While most employees will adjust, some will struggle to keep on task. Employee time tracking can help keep your people focused and keep your business on track. While there are many uncertainties right now, one thing is sure; remote work is here to stay, and the sooner your business adapts, the stronger you will be in the future.

Deploy Greenlink’s Time Tracking Software

It’s crucial to deploy employee tracking software that can monitor employee activity while many are working from home. At Greenlink, our time and attendance solutions couple many employee monitoring features with other HR functions, including payroll, scheduling, vacation/sick leave tracking, etc.

Advantages of Employee Time Tracking

Tracking employee time helps maintain a sense of normalcy for remote workers. It helps hold them accountable for tasks and desired outputs. It also helps employees see the progress of their efforts. Most importantly, it ensures that the work your clients and customers depend on remains on course today, tomorrow, and for however long the current lockdowns may last.

Tracking provides reliable records that ensure billing and payroll are calculated correctly. It also provides a snapshot of your business operations that you can use to adjust current and future staffing needs. Tracking also creates a record of employee habits. You can use these to help nudge employees to adopt better work-from-home practices. If an employee is not performing the required tasks, the records created by your employee time tracking software can be used to justify and defend disciplinary action.

Build-In Some Flexibility

While some tasks must be done during regular business hours, that doesn’t mean that all tasks must be performed on the same schedule. Right now, your employee’s schedules are under tremendous pressure. This is especially true for employees with children or family members they are caring for.

Thus, it is advisable to make allowances for employees to adjust their work schedules to maintain a balance between what they need to do at work and what they need to do at home. For instance, they must be available for phone calls and meetings between certain hours, while they can fill out paperwork, and perform non-time sensitive tasks at their convenience.

Naturally, you will want to make sure that employees aren’t slacking off when you need them to be working. Employee time tracking software can help you verify that remote employees aren’t browsing the web, chatting on Facebook, or shopping when they should be working. That said, many companies cut a little slack for employees who multi-task non-work related chores and behaviors so long as work tasks are completed correctly and on-schedule.

Tracking Time Now Positions Your Business for the Future

Remote work is here to stay, and employees who have never worked from home before are going to want to work from home in the future. The sooner you develop a work culture that facilitates remote work and encourages responsible work from home habits, the better it will be for your business.

Contact Greenlink Payroll at (480) 385-2525 for more information about employee time tracking. It is our pleasure to help keep your business on track today, tomorrow, and long after the current lockdowns come to an end.