Benefits enrollment, especially during open enrollment, is one of the biggest and often most frustrating projects HR team members and departments undertake every year. This is especially true in large organizations in which HR employees are tasked with wrangling and ensuring hundreds or even thousands of their company’s employees are signed up and properly enrolled in the correct benefits within a month’s time. This is a challenging experience for even the most experienced of HR professionals. Yet in recent years, things have arguably gotten even more challenging with new regulations such as those incorporated into the Affordable Care Act being implemented and the increasing use of complex benefits plans as an enticement to bring in new talent.

The good news is that while benefits enrollment is more complex than ever, new technologies have arisen to meet these changing needs. At Greenlink, we believe in making these complex processes simple by streamlining all your HR processes into one user-friendly cloud-based solution. If you haven’t moved your benefits enrollment and other HR services to the cloud, you’re missing out. Just check out the following key reasons why cloud-based benefits enrollment saves time and money for companies of every size:

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Online Benefits Enrollment

  • Save time.  Time is valuable and your HR team already likely stretched pretty thin. In terms of benefits, HR staff members are often charged with setting up company-wide training and informational sessions, having one-on-one individual meetings with new hires and promoted employees, and other activities. For those who elect traditional enrollment systems, HR employees also have to painstakingly input each and every employee’s benefit elections and monitor to ensure everything is correct throughout the year. In contrast, with an online, cloud-based system, employees can insert their own information, make their own elections, and update where necessary by simply logging into the system. Premier benefits and HR online systems also are equipped to send out customized electronic reports. All of this will save your HR team a lot of time and effort.
  • Reduce mistakes.  Not only is manually entering each and every employees information a waste of time for your skilled HR staff, but it also is a task that is frequently prone to human errors. After hours of manually inputting others’ information, it is easy for someone to type in the wrong name or make another seemingly small issue that can have major repercussions. In contrast, an online HR enrollment system allows employees to enter their own information and is coded in order to ensure applicable rules are followed and to alert when it detects common mistakes. The result is a system that is more timely and significantly less prone to common issues.
  • Happier employees.  This is true for both your HR staff and everyone else in your organization due to both the aforementioned benefits. Your HR staff will appreciate having a cloud-based system to work with, as it will eliminate the manual and often redundant portions of their job, thereby freeing them up for more engaging and productive work. Additionally, everyone else in your company will be happier thanks to fewer errors.  Employees can rest assured knowing they are getting the benefits promised to them by the company. As many studies have shown, happier employees are productive employees!

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